Website for a Business Association

Website for a Business Association

The Brief

– The Kent Export Club is a business club that organises events on international trade, and hence has a need for frequent updating of its site to promote its events.

Its existing website was a static html site that had fallen into disuse, and it was decided that a dynamic site with a Content Management System (CMS) that could be used by anyone with a minimal understanding of IT, was a more apt solution to the club’s needs.

The Work

– This project effectively was a total re-branding of the club, including a new logo design and other artwork, for stationary as well as the website. The content was developed from afresh and many pages were added to provide a better user experience and more precise information.

Kent Export Club

website for a business club

  • To highlight events, a slide show and an event location box were added to attract users to activities in their area. Other news is displayed further down on the page.
  • To facilitate frequent updates from multiple users, the website includes log-in profiles for different persons.
  • The site was integrated with the club’s choice of social media, producing automatic updates in the club’s group on linkedin.com.

The Outcome

– Since it became live, the site has risen through the search engine rankings, and it consistently features on the first page of google for most of its keyword combinations. More importantly, it routinely generates membership applications and other enquiries pertinent to the clubs interests.